Running Biomechanical Assessment

Analysis of Running

Running-related injuries can have a negative impact on any runner seeking to increase or maintain their current training loads. Whether you are looking to increase your current running frequency, distance, or performance, a running gait assessment can be for you.

During this session, we will look at your running biomechanics, dive into your current and pas training, your overall strength and flexibility, and assess how footwear may impact your current running stride. 

Using video capture we can break down every part of the running cycle, bring small changes and see real time improvements.

With the average runner taking anywhere between 150-190 steps per minutes, small changes can make all the difference.


What they say about us...

J’ai recours aux services de Marie-Michelle depuis quelques temps et je suis très satisfaits. Ses connaissances, son professionnalisme et la qualité de ses soins sont indéniables. L’attention qu’elle porte aux petits détails ainsi que les exercices adaptés qu’elle recommande confirment qu’elle a cœur le bien-être de ses patients. Un GROS merci!


Marie-Michelle est parfaite, le premier rendez-vous a été un vrai soulagement. Bel endroit, je recommande.


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Mobility course

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from April 25th to May 30th 2024

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Mobilization, activation and control of movement from head to toe. Progression over 6 weeks. For all types of customer, especially you!