Conditioning Group Class

Our Metabolic conditioning course

Axxeleration Physio+ offers everyone the chance to join our conditioning group classes. These high-intensity workouts are designed to increase your cardiovascular capacity and improve your body composition.

Training plans vary every 3 weeks, for a total of 4 different programs. Classes last 60 minutes. Each session begins with a specialized 5-10 min warm-up to prepare the body and ends with a breathing-based cool-down (cardiac coherence) to accelerate recovery from exertion by balancing the autonomic nervous system.

The Objectives of the 12-week course are to:

-Increase the body’s resistance to effort

-Improve energy production by increasing the body’s metabolic demand

-improve physical fitness and the cardiovascular system

-Improve body composition (fat loss)

We’ll make sure everyone respects their limits, and our health professionals will guide you every step of the way.

Price: 35$ per class  or de 300$ for the 12 week course (Save 120$)


Ce qu'ils disent de nous...

Exceptional institution, exceptional expert level coaches. I am a runner, and being trained by Sébastien Lagrange, we came to this organization to run at our highest performance. We have been receiving exceptional training, and already see outstanding results.
Amazing training only a few weeks in and already seeing a great change. Strongly recommended

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Axxeleration Physio+ est situé au cœur de la ville de Vaudreuil à deux pas de l’autoroute 40.

First Edition!

Axxeleration High Performance Hockey Summit

The content covered within this seminar was directed towards healthcare professionals to improve their skills and strengthen their expertise in several aspects specifically in hockey players.

 Thank you to this amazing group of dedicated Strength coaches, kinesiologist students, athletic trainers and physiotherapists who joined us!

You all filled the Axxeleration Physio+ space with so much of a good vibe!

See you next year!

If you need more information or have any questions about upcoming seminar or our services please don’t hesitate to contact us.