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As our understanding of concussions has grown, so too has the number of reported concussions. Being diagnosed with a concussion is not as scary as it is thought to be. In fact, the majority of uncomplicated concussion cases will recovery very quickly without any complications (Meeuwisse et al. 2017). Each concussion is a different, which is why the list of concussion symptoms are so very long and expansive. What is very important is spotting them early and knowing what to do. As a general rule of thumb, “WHEN IN DOUBT, SIT THEM OUT!” is the most accepted strategy should you notice you or a teammate or friend looks like they aren’t themselves. We want to limit the chances of a more tougher recovery. The brain is extremely susceptible to more severe damage should another trauma take place close to the first event. This might lead to prolonged recovery timelines and increase in overall symptoms.

Should you suspect a concussion, early intervention is important, which is why consulting a professional that is up to date with the accepted practices is crucial. There are very likely issues with the visual, vestibular and balance systems following a concussion, as well as likely cognitive impairments as well. Rehabilitation is centred on getting these systems firing at 100% again in order to allow for the patient to return back to their sport or just functioning again in every day life. That is why an early intervention and a proper evaluation by a trained professional in clinic will allow for a personalized recovery plan to be created to accomplish exactly that goal.


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NeuroTracker helps improve higher-order cognitive skills, which are often impaired after a concussion. It also helps improve brain activity, alertness and concentration. Our therapist will suggest the NeuroTracker to work on these issues, enabling you to resume everyday activities such as driving, studying or playing your favorite sport. NeuroTracker enables us to monitor your progress, adapt your rehabilitation and help determine when you should return to physical activity.


We also use the NeuroTracker platform in corporate and personal environments

Executive functions

Better reasoning, planning and decision-making


Improvement in fundamental cognitive skills in just 18 minutes of training per week

Processing speed

Better management and comprehension of information to react more quickly

Functional Memory

Increased ability to integrate several pieces of information at once.

What to do after a concussion?

We suggest that you contact us as soon as possible. Did you know that a treatment in a hyperbaric chamber within X hours of your concussion could reduce your symptoms by up to 75%? We’ve partnered with an expert in the field of hyperbaric chambers, and could refer you to his center quickly.  

We work closely with concussion specialists and can offer you a natural supplement protocol to reduce concussion-related symptoms. 

There are many ways to control the exacerbation of symptoms, and it’s important to adhere to them as soon as possible after your concussion. We will also suggest that you meet with our physiotherapists for a post-injury assessment, as your neck or jaw, for example, may have been affected by the impact. We’ll work closely with our athletic therapists, mental coach and nutritionist to help you return to play safely. 

In all cases, if your symptoms are severe and require medical attention, we advise you to go to the emergency room, as well as if your general condition worsens.


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