Mental Performance Consultation

What is the purpose of mental performance consultation?

Our certified mental performance consultations focus specifically on developing an individual’s habits to become mentally strong. Through the use of numerous techniques, approaches, and tools, we aim to build an individual capable of overcoming all types of adversity they may face.

We offer several services that can be tailored to the specific needs of an individual or organization.

Private sessions

Private sessions are personalized moments covering individuals needs and mental performance skills they might want to work on (concentration, discipline, motivation, pregame preparation, etc).

Team workshops

Conferences and presentations are a fun, interactive way of educating a target audience about a specific topic, concept or issue.


Conferences and presentations are a fun and interactive way to educate a bigger audience about a specific subject, concept, and topic. It can help broaden an individual’s perspective.

Group sessions

Group sessions are private meetings in a larger setting. They are an excellent way of working with people who have similar objectives and who wish to improve in relation to them.

The Neurotracker training system

NeuroTracker is a cognitive training platform that is used by athletes and teams to improve mental performance, cognitive skills and to reach their goals.

NeuroTracker training allows athletes to discuss and to follow their progress and needs with the platform. Athletes and individuals are able to work on tailored needs such as selective attention, decision-making and processing information at a higher speed than before! NeuroTracker represents a complimentary service to improve mental performance of athletes and individuals. NeuroTracker can be used to work on components that have been discussed in 1:1 session, team workshops and conferences.

Lastly, NeuroTracker represents a tool for helping to assess and manage concussion in the early stages of recovery. For example, NeuroTracker has been shown to be sensitive to changes in cognitive function following concussion, and it may be able to help identify deficits in attention and multitasking skills that are commonly associated with concussion.


What they say about us...

Training with Sébastien has enabled me to reach the next level in my physical strength, speed and flexibility. He allows me to surpass myself with a training program meticulously tailored to my needs. He’s always ready to correct a movement, count a tempo or simply help me finish a repetition. Without him, I wouldn’t have made the jump to the National League!

Alexandre Carrier
NHL Nashville Predators Hockey Player

I’ve been training with Sébastien Lagrange for 6 years now. I have nothing but good things to say about my strength coach. Axxeleration really takes the athletes’ needs to heart and makes every effort to prepare them for their next season with programs specific to each group. The gym is like a big family, which makes it fun to work out every morning while achieving our personal goals.

Jeffrey Viel
NHL Winnipeg Jets Hockey Player

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Axxeleration High Performance Hockey Summit

The content covered within this seminar was directed towards healthcare professionals to improve their skills and strengthen their expertise in several aspects specifically in hockey players.

 Thank you to this amazing group of dedicated Strength coaches, kinesiologist students, athletic trainers and physiotherapists who joined us!

You all filled the Axxeleration Physio+ space with so much of a good vibe!

See you next year!

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