Kinesiology in the context of rehabilitation, recovery and performance

Kinesiology has been a growing profession for several years now, and it is making its place among the population and medical-sports services. The recognition of kinesiologists has led to their professionalization and notoriety in the eyes of the general public. Kinesiologists can be found, among others, in many private and public health institutions, as well as in schools and sports centers.

With a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, this health professional specializes in movement dynamics. He works with clients with or without physical limitations in order to improve their health. Through physical activity, the kinesiologist works to prevent injuries and improve performance. They also collaborate with the support team in the rehabilitation of individuals requiring their services. In other words, the Kinesiologist orients his or her intervention according to the objectives and symptoms of the individual in front of him or her.

At Axxeleration Physio +, the mission of the kinesiology service is to promote the many benefits of being active and to help the clientele maintain their healthy lifestyle habits. Through motivating training and adapted exercises, the kinesiologist will take a more global and general approach to the physical condition of people. Whether in individual or group sessions, he promotes an active lifestyle with the goal of improving skills, without neglecting the pleasure of the practice. The service allows to highlight the risk factors related to a sedentary lifestyle and to find solutions to reduce the consequences.

In summary, the professional provides safe and scientifically supported interventions to optimize the movement dynamics of the individual and the adoption of an active lifestyle on a regular basis. In collaboration with the team of professionals in place, the kinesiologist will be your ideal resource for a long-term vision of health.


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Exceptional institution, exceptional expert level coaches. I am a runner, and being trained by Sébastien Lagrange, we came to this organization to run at our highest performance. We have been receiving exceptional training, and already see outstanding results.
Amazing training only a few weeks in and already seeing a great change. Strongly recommended

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