The Axxeleration Physio+ approach

The Axxeleration Experience

A unique and effective approach

Axxeleration Physio+ aims to bridge the gap between rehabilitation, function and performance. We believe that every individual with a problem should have access to all the possibilities of services to optimize their functions no matter what type of performance they need to accomplish. Our mandate is to help you maintain a healthy body. That’s why we have brought together the best health professionals with many years of experience in their field. We all share a passion for helping you optimize what your body provides so you can do more of what you love. We will communicate as a team within the center as well as call upon several external partners to offer you everything we believe is necessary to achieve your goals.

The Axxeleration Physio+ experience is unique and complete. We give you access to high-end technology and training equipment in an environment worthy of a professional sports team. Our dedicated team ensures that each client receives a service specific to their needs. We work to help you achieve your goals.

Our therapists are also in constant communication with the athletic therapists responsible for First Aid with sports teams to ensure a safe follow-up for each individual.

The idea behind Axxeleration

Where we come from

Axxeleration Physio+ was born from the desire of a physiotherapist and a strength and conditioning coach to change the vision of private rehabilitation in Quebec. Based on their experiences with a clientele of professional athletes, Marie Michelle Rousseau, physiotherapist and Sébastien Lagrange, strength and conditioning coach have chosen to share their vision and knowledge of health with the general population.

 “We want to offer an amateur athlete, a weekend warrior or a sedentary person who wants to take control of his or her well-being, the quality, approach and accessibility to rehabilitation, recovery and performance services as if they were part of a professional environment. Because Axxeleration Physio+ is all about bringing the professional team to everyone! -Marie Michelle Rousseau MSc pht.

“There was a gap. Why is it that one of our professional athletes recovers quickly and optimally from an injury and has access to several services to optimize their recovery, but when a non-athlete client gets injured, the recovery process can take several months? Axxeleration Physio+ exists to address this issue.” – Sébastien Lagrange PhD

Inspired by the Axxeleration Performance Center in Chateauguay, well established in the sports performance sector with amateur and professional athletes, Axxeleration Physio+ differs from conventional physiotherapy centers by its clinical environment and its active approach. We believe in a continuum of services to truly optimize the client’s well-being.


Mobility course

Pay $25 per class

(Regular price $35)

from April 25th to May 30th 2024

Wednesday 10:45 – 11:45
Thursday 16:45 – 17:45

Mobilization, activation and control of movement from head to toe. Progression over 6 weeks. For all types of customer, especially you!