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Massage therapy is a therapy with many benefits for the health and well-being of the client. Many different techniques can be used, depending on your needs and goals. The therapeutic approach can reduce the effects of stress on the body and help reduce muscular tension. Massage therapy is suitable for almost all types of clientele and is practiced in a professional setting. All our massage therapists belong to a recognized federation or association.

Even if you’re accessing massage therapy in a sports setting, you’ll have access to a calm, restful environment to get the most out of your treatment, in a closed room. At your appointment, the massage therapist will ask you about your goals for treating or preventing an injury, and will use the techniques he or she deems necessary to optimize your needs.

Sports massage therapy is not just for athletes, but for anyone who is active on a regular basis. Sports massage aims to preserve mobility and relieve muscular tension resulting from training. It is also frequently used in prevention and in preparation for sporting events.

Frequently asked question

Massage therapy is based on needs related to relaxation and normal muscular release. The massage is performed on the whole body to provide a pleasant experience and a sense of well-being.

Sports massage therapy is based on needs related to stubborn muscular tension, relieving chronic discomfort or increasing lack of range of motion. It is performed on a problem area of the body in a deep, targeted and intensive way.

Of course, our massage therapists are also qualified in Swedish massage.

Absolutely, our aim is to help you regain your quality of life. You'll receive the same level of quality service as athletes.


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Exceptional institution, exceptional expert level coaches. I am a runner, and being trained by Sébastien Lagrange, we came to this organization to run at our highest performance. We have been receiving exceptional training, and already see outstanding results.
Amazing training only a few weeks in and already seeing a great change. Strongly recommended

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