Marie Gauvin


Marie Gauvin completed her studies in psychology and worked in counselling for 7 years before turning to acupuncture. With her years of experience, she places the individual at the center of her therapeutic approach. This is one of the philosophies of Chinese medicine that she loves; treating the human being in all the dimensions that inhabit him or her, on the physical and psychological levels as well as the environment in which he or she evolves.

Over the years, Marie has completed various post-graduate training courses related to women's health. From puberty to menopause, pregnancy and the challenges it can represent, women's hormonal health is a key topic in her practice.

Marie is a member of the Ordre des acupuncteurs du Québec and the Association des acupuncteurs du Québec.


Mobility course

Pay $25 per class

(Regular price $35)

from April 25th to May 30th 2024

Wednesday 10:45 – 11:45
Thursday 16:45 – 17:45

Mobilization, activation and control of movement from head to toe. Progression over 6 weeks. For all types of customer, especially you!