Michaël Gagné B.Sc.


Michael is a dynamic and passionate individual with over 10 years experience in health and fitness. Completing his baccalaureate as a kinesiologist in 2014, he has since continued to work in personal group training for several years. He has undergone working with a wide range of ages and physical conditions, giving him a strong foundation of proficiency and the ability to adapt. Throughout his career he has developed a large range of connections with clients ranging from oncologie, cardiologie and mental health. 

Michael is always striving to take on new challenges and to learn new techniques. He developed significant growth when Institut National du Sport du Québec offered him the chance to lead as a strength and conditioning coach with high level athletes. Michael's training excels with individual athletes, particularly golfers, cyclists, runners and tennis players. He is delighted to join the Axxeleration Physio+ team and to shine a light on the kinesiologist profession throughout Québec.