In-Body 570: Muscle-Fat Analysis with In-Body Scan

 Muscle-Fat Analysis, will help you better understand where your current body composition is so you can make any changes to get it to where you would like it to be.
Muscle-Fat Analysis is a favorite output for many people because it provides an easy-to-understand overview of body composition and helps narrow the focus of health goals.
How to find your body type using the C-I-D Method

 “C-Shape” Body Type

If the length of the bar for your SMM is shorter than your Weight and Body Fat Mass, you have a C-shaped body type.
If you have a Muscle-Fat Analysis that looks like this, reduce your Body Fat Mass (which would also lower your Weight) and increase your Skeletal Muscle Mass.
Ultimately, try to get your Body Fat Mass as close to the recommended range as possible and SMM as close to or above the recommended range.

“I-Shape” Body Type

If the length of the bars for your Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and Body Fat Mass roughly form a straight line, you have an I-shaped body type.
Although people with this body type are often at a healthy weight or body fat percentage, there are still areas they can focus on to maintain or improve overall health.
Typically, if you have an I-shaped body type, you have a proportional muscle-fat balance. You are in a great position to focus on gaining muscle mass or reducing body fat to improve your overall physique.

D-Shape” Body Type

If your SMM bar is longer than your Weight and Body Fat Mass, you have a D-shape body type. Usually, this is an “athletic” body type that many consider the ideal body composition shape.
However, if the Weight and Body Fat Mass bars are above the recommended ranges, you should reduce your fat mass to get into the ideal range.
If you want to improve your strength and physique, you should monitor your SMM and Body Fat Mass bars to ensure that SMM increases without a significant increase in Body Fat Mass.
If you wish to lose body fat and become leaner, you should monitor your Body Fat Mass while making sure you do not lose too much SMM.
If SMM losses become too significant, make the necessary adjustments to your strength-training routine.

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